Resort Pop Wear

Resort Pop Wear

We are non-profit organization, advocating for all parties in the development of major fashion category, Resort Pop Wear. At the intersection of Global Fashion + Community Commerce + Entrepreneurship + Sustainable Technologies.

About Nonprofit


  • Community Commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Practices & Technologies

Advocating & Developing sustainable practices along with Public/Private technologies for the betterment of all parties deemed communities, entrepreneurs, brands/companies and professionals actively in commerce within the global fashion category – Resort Pop Wear.

How You Can Get Involved!


Building community technologies with all parties at the table – donations fund the growth in Public Commerce Technologies for the short-long term benefits of municipal residents in the form of sales taxes, commercial leases, etc. and including the direct/indirect gains by exporting sustainable practices/technologies to others globally.


Coming soon…

Community Commerce

Public + Private

Hybrid blockchain – public investment to employ a public blockchain for providing ledgers accessible to every single person in the world – private blockchain is the individual access to modifications in the ledger, and managed by trusted nodes (companies/professionals) whose motives are aligned to benefiting the network.

Public blockchain is being used to design better systems for supply chains, shared finance, municipal revenues and citizen governance.

Public Chain – Hybrid Blockchain

Private blockchain is being used as commerce layers for business & consumer transactions, working capital, operations, inventories, asset holdings.

Private Chain – Hybrid Blockchain
Community Commerce, Hybrid Blockchain, Major Industry Category, Global Fashion, Resort Pop Wear, Nonprofit
Community Commerce | Hybrid Blockchain

The roots are a mix of Resort Wear & Streetwear to create the fashion category known as, Resort Pop Wear.

– Matthew Ashburn/founder

Global Fashion Index

Resort Pop Wear Index – designers, products, and companies.

A space for countless fashion entrepreneurs to fulfill their aspirations in creating designer brands and subsequent companies, that best define their unique product lines to the global commerce.

– Resort Pop Wear Nonprofit

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Community Commerce + Municipal Revenues + Major Industry Category

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