AngelList reports on seed stage, investors would increase their expected return by broadly indexing into every credible deal.

Startup Growth and Venture Returns: What We Found When We Analyzed Thousands of VC Deals

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Conventional investing wisdom tells us that VCs should pass on most deals they see. But our research indicates otherwise: At the seed stage, investors would increase their expected return by broadly indexing into every credible deal.

That’s one of the results we found when we analyzed the thousands of deals syndicated by AngelList over the past seven years to test assumptions about the nature of venture capital returns. We’re presenting these findings in a first-of-its-kind report out today, Startup Growth and Venture Returns.

Theoretically Infinite Regret

According to our research, missing the best-performing seed deal can cause you a theoretically infinite amount of regret. What does that mean? Consider Mark Suster, who passed on the Uber seed round and was quoted in the Financial Times saying: “Aaaargh.”

How can you avoid missing the best seed deal? The simplest way is to put money into every credible deal. Maybe you have a crystal ball that gives you perfect foresight, in which case you can pick only the best winners. Even then, if your crystal ball is even a little cloudy eventually you will miss a winning deal—and that winning deal might have been the best-performing investment.

Simulations on 10-year investing windows for seed-stage deals suggest fewer than 10% of investors will beat the index, even if those investors have skill in picking deals. Like Vanguard has taught us in the public markets, individual investors could benefit from viewing the index as the default and then overlaying individual deals that they like.

Download the Report

full research report, Startup Growth and Venture Returns, is available for download here.

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