What is Resort Pop Wear?

Resort Pop Wear : defined as — fashion category that signifies — Style, Travel, Pop Culture, that is unique in its casual design, lightweight, breathable, yet very fashionable.


The roots are a mix of Resort Wear — Streetwear to create the fashion category known as, Resort Pop Wear.

Adventurous youth culture is the through-line in which this fashion category is unequivocally founded upon.

The creation of new fashion categories is important for designers from various positions on aesthetics in fashion design, through the discovered-to-undiscovered designs that are produced for markets.

Resort Pop Wear design represents the fundamentals of resort wear in design and fabrics, with the fluidity of street wear in its design and functionality, that translate across youth demographics to global markets.

fashion category specifics — Resort Pop Wear

Classification: Moderate/Premium

Price-Points: $25 to $340 USD

Outfits/Limited Editions: $420 USD

New fashion category Resort Pop Wear, is to create a space for countless fashion entrepreneurs to fulfill their aspirations in creating fashion lines and subsequent companies, that best define their unique design sensibility to the market space.

Growth model on the fashion category and its name sake website (resortpopwear.com) — Advocate & Promote for the betterment of all parties deemed a professional and/or venture within the fashion category.

The website is formulated on a subscription basis for individuals and/or companies. Providing access to a decentralized marketplace — knowledge, collaboration, resources, and essential tools for fashion entrepreneurship.


Published by Resort Pop Wear

Nonprofit Org. advocating for all parties in development of major fashion category, Resort Pop Wear | Hybrid Blockchain | Community Commerce + Entrepreneurship + Sustainable Practices & Technologies. | "We put the Pop in Resort Wear" - tagline. Founded 2017 in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

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